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Thread: Suprnova

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    Im new using suprnova. Always when i begin using supernova it goes slow (only 1 to 3 kb) I have DSL. I want to know if that is normal in supernova.


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    no its not normal... you have to let it connect for a while before it speeds up because ur download rate is proportional to ur upload rate

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    the whole download is proportional to upload is a bunch of bs.....and yes it is the other guy said, it will speed up....mine always start out at 5KB/s and goes up to like 250 in 20-25 minutes

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    i have 256 broadband and my downlaods start at about 3 kb/s then go up to 5 kb/s for a while then drop down to one or nothing

    thats why i dont use bittorrent, once or twice i got good speeds

    by the way this should be moved to the bittorrent section

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    Thanks for the information. :beerchug:
    I have being downloding CALL OF DUTY and the maxim speed until now is about 21KB.
    It work just we has to wait a few minutes.


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