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Thread: So Many Games.

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    Ive found alloooottt!! of games with alot of sources but unfortunently i have a 56k modem. So i was just wondering...Does anyone know any good game rips that i can download off overnet edonkey or emule?

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    Sadly the sharing of game ripz is not very serious, you can find some though, but they only have about 1 or 3 sources. Some might have more, but still its almost impossible to find a rip with about 500 sources.

    Another thing that is disappointing me very very much, is that they don't share the orginal RAR files whitch the release group has packed the game in. If it was me who should release a game I would take all the RAR files + the NFO + the SFV and compress them in a tar file and share that one. In average this saves us 200 MB, incl. the release is still valid in the global scene! B)


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