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Thread: Registry Tweaks+download Speed Limits

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    I've been looking and playing with the registry...but theres one thing I cant seem to tweak... basically when kazaa thinks u have a good enough download speed it stops searching for and allowing more sources,

    i.e. I have a 576kb connection and when I have.... say a 65Kb/s source...... it seems to stop looking for sources ...WHY...WHY....WHY !!!!

    P.S. I know I can get up 90kb/s so its not because I dont have any bandwidth left....??

    Any help ????? please..Thanks

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    P.S I forgot to mention, I'm using win XP and K++ version .2.1.0

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    Maybe there aren't any more sources available.. You can't force it to find more..

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    Well...erm...I did manage to find 87 sources with autosearch......and before I had the 65kb/s source, i was using 6 sources(aroung 5kb/s each) ideas,,,,,,,ANYONE ???

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    I'd just like to know how you get 90k/sec on 500+k ADSL, can you tell me, I get about 50 or 60 k on 512k ADSL.

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    OK, now i wonder whether or not there has been a 'b' 'B' error here...if you have a 512 K bit connection, you can download at 64ish k byte/sec, any more is usually just the meter playing up, i think..hopefully that could shed some light
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    I got 146kb/s on kazaa once, only once*. I normally get 100kb/s at max. I&#39;m glad SBC just joined Yahoo and I noticed diffrence in speed. Yahoo servs got kick ass speed and help more users keep they&#39;re share.

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    well can u tell me how 2 get 64k downloads speeds wiv a 512k adsl modem? all i get is 0.3k&#33;&#33;

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    Originally posted by jewishcow@10 March 2003 - 05:52
    well can u tell me how 2 get 64k downloads speeds wiv a 512k adsl modem? all i get is 0.3k&#33;&#33;
    0.3&#33;&#33; damm, somthing must b seriouly wrong there
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    i dont know what kbs i got but i have cable and my fastest d/l has been 320kbs if i d/l one movie at a time i usually run about 150-200kbs

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