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    ok im new to this so cut me some slack
    ive got the .bin files for command and conquer generals, what do i do with em? just burn them onto a cd? i use NERO by the way. also theyre actually too big for my 700mb cd's so do i have to go and buy bigger cd's or can i install the game without actually burning to cd's?

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    Depending on what version of Nero you have, you might be able to burn them by clicking on File and select 'Burn Image'. If it gives you an error message about incorrect block size, you need to either find the .cue file that goes with it, or else download WinISO and use that to convert it to .iso format which should then work in Nero. As for the file size...How big is it? If it is a legitimate .bin file, it should be the right size to fit on a standard CD. Remember that 700MB is actually 716,800KB, so you might be OK. If not, you can try setting Nero to 'Overburn' in Preferences/Expert Features.

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    You can install the game without burning them use virtual drives, example is clone cd.

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    You can also use WinISO or ISObuster to extract the files out of the bin/iso but I think it might be better using a virtual drive. But its opinion I guess...

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    Shinigami, you just summarize the two replies.

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    Oops, lol, didn't notice Nightwolf's response Well that was my first post in like a week so... yea, I've seen to lost my posting abilities lol

    P.S. Ok, no more spamming now, I still remember that much

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    Big Rocks, use Fireburner to burn the .bin files to disk. A 700 mb CD-R will be fine. No hassle, no worries.--

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