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Thread: Easy Cd Creator

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    is there a full working version here on Kazaa? ive DL about 4 and they all didnt work

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    Also check the verified section,You might find it there....


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    the one i got from verrifieds is only 26 megs and it hasnt started to DL since ive first clicked it to DL

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    I have a full working version of Easy Cd Creator 5P that came from Kazaa. That was before things started going down hill though.

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    You can find it on KaZaa. I did.

    I started with Easy CD Creator, and it was good for a while.. before I found Nero. Easy CD Creator 6 takes up like over 600 megabytes... 600!!! Or at least that's what the Windows XP Change or Remove Programs menu thinks.

    Nero is waaaaay lighter and has more features. Plus a lot easier to find.
    Nero Homepage
    Just check it out. The new version is definately worth trying at least.
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