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Thread: Battlefield 1942 Has Problems Installing

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    I am getting problems while installing the cd1 and cd2 after I made cds out of the .bin and .iso files and both give me these errors. It says the file being installed is not the same as the one in the data file. And it quits shortly after. Any one else experiencing this and know what is going on. I think the files are corrupted.

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    Had many problems getting battlefireld without being corrupted. Get Cdmage it is a program that tests the .bin before you burn to see if it is corrupted. Took me 3 tries to get both cd's without being corrupted and the game installs with 0 errors and plays fine. Also I recommend not updating the game to version 1.3 as it has a lot of bugs that cause game to crash i went to 1.02 and have no problems at all. Good Luck

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    Ahhhhh a topic in the filesharing room when it could be in the game room.....if we had one!!!


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