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Thread: Burning Ps2 Bootdisk?

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    ok I just D/L'ed a bootdisk for PS2 and was wondering how I burn it on cd. I tried using HP record now program that came with my burner but it burns it in bin format again, and i tried using Nero program but it keeps wanting to save the .nro or whatever it's called and not burning it on cd. can someone explain it to me in laymans terms ? please/thank-you. I want to be able to play burnt games on a PS2.

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    Burning PS2 games

    That should help, try searching the forums buddy.

    Or, here i think this is what you are looking for.

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    This is the Verified Hashed forum bud, wrong place.

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    Sorry dude but PS2 bootdisks cannot be burnt to regular CD's/DVDs.
    Bootdisks do exist but they are pressed (how original disks are made) not burnt.
    The way a bootdisk works is it fools the PS2 into thinking an original disk is being used. The PS2 boots the disk as normal but it is coded to pause to allow a non original disc to swapped over (which you have to do without the PS2 knowing the disc has been ejected using a no solder mod or other boot swap trick).

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