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Thread: What Causes A Song To Re-start Downlaoding ?

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    Does anyone know what causes Kazaa to restart downloading a song ?

    Quite often I have a song half downloaded, then I need to finish my session. *my wife wants me to go to bed ! or get off the fu.... internet)

    When I come back in next day, instead of carrying on from where it was as it does usually, sometimes Kazzaaa resets the song back to zero and starts again.

    This is quite annoying and a waste of my time/bandwidth !

    Is there anyway to stop this ?

    it seems to be something to do with the number of users that have a particular version of a song ?



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    stop using kazaa, it is shite.

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    Surely some one must know the answer to this ?

    Help !
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    Originally posted by Spider_dude@3 January 2004 - 04:33
    stop using kazaa, it is shite.
    Now, now thats not the spirit

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    it's not a BUG it's a FEATURE. . .
    if kazaa can't find sources for an exact match for the file youre downloading, it downloads one thats "close" (same metadata, different filehash) so it restarts from the beginning because it's a different file.
    ever notice in search results you will see files of differing size in the same result [+]

    EDIT: unless youre shutting off your PC without closing kazaa first, then that could be why.

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    Vargas, Thanks for that answer.

    I suppose I wil have to try to get the songs in one session.

    I do have to crash out sometimes as I'm on ME and usually have quite a few things going on.

    I'm saving up to buy XP.

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    you can download xp
    that kind of links are not alowed.


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