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Thread: Arghh! Cd Mage Doesnt Work

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    Hi, i recently read here that you can fix iso files with cdmage but when i tried to do this it didnt work. after posting on their forum they told me that it cannot fix iso images since it doesnt contain some header but it works for bin files. This is getting me mad since a cpl of ppl already said that cdmage works for them. Could someone tell me what i am doing wrong?

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    there are other programs that can open iso files like isobuster/winiso/winimage
    allthough these programs wont create a false drive
    but in some cases you wont need a false drive to install a program from..some programs can be installed directly from your hdd..
    so try these programs...they will unpak/open the iso file and you tell it to place the files somewhere on your hdd for you to install the program from that place...or if you arent trying to install the program in the iso file and you only want to burn the contents of the iso file then just burn the extracted files from the iso you have placed on your hdd somewhere to cd..

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    I am only using cdmage to fix the iso i already know about extracting and stuff.


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