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Thread: Gta Vice City

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    I have the bin and cue off suprnova. After installation it asks for play disk. Gta Crack says failed to start because mss32.dll was not found. What do I do to fix this problem.

    Thank you

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    Sounds like you trying to run the crack by its self.

    You did place the crack in the GTA folder so it overwrited the original .exe right??

    If the crack is in the right place the only thing i can think of is to search on Google for the missing file.

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    the crack that comes with it doesnt work, u need the one that comes w/ the RIP version. It should be: 2.94 mb NOT 3.02...somethin like that...

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    Actually the crack that comes with vice city (flt) does work on most machines.

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    What do I do when it says insert play disk

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    You need to have Disc 2 (Play disc) mounted or in a cd drive.


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