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Thread: Irc Ip?

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    Jun 2003
    What does these IP "" to do with IRC. Every time i open IRC i get port scans and crap from this IP.

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    hmm...for starters, which network does ur MIRC currently connect to during startup? i'm gonna speculate that the ip belongs to that network.

    to find out the ip of the network u connect to, type in the command in the status window
    /dns the name of the network

    for example, if i wanna know the ip of this network, i'll type...
    u dun really have to worry much bout it, it's just some security measures employed by the admin to protect their network, a lot of networks do that. when u are connecting to this specific network, the last few lines of the window status will usually warn u that the network will scan ur ports for vulnerabilities.

    i assume u knew u got port scans because u've got a firewall installed, right? at least u can relax, the network knows ur comp can defend itself against its port scan test.


    ps:but if what i'm speculating is wrong (the ip u found using the command above doesn't match with the ip that's scanning ur port)....plz tell us more , it might be something else....
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    Thanks for the info, i don't really car. Its that sygate annoys me about it


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