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Thread: Blubster Far Better For Music

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    I've sucessfully posted mp2p links in the music verified section

    This program seem far easyier to use with alot less bugs than soulseek and as it's p2p it does not relay on a server that can go down, it also has over 250,000 users online at the moment.

    Although you cant download peoples folders, verified hashes are as good as the real thing.
    Also has an option just like kazaa to stop users from listing all your files

    Blubster has Sha1 hashing which prevents the RIAA from corrupting verified files unlike kazaa.

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    asmithz's Avatar Hi-Definition
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    Jun 2003
    Yep these is a great program to get MP3, way better then soulseek. Thats cool that you made hashes for it

    Go here for more info.

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    Afronaut's Avatar Xenu
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    I personally will be using SoulSeek in the future,
    SS is perfect for me, i get my music the way i want it.
    I dont need to get it faster, i know the ppl im dealing with,
    tracks are in Good quality, Tagged, and i can get an album to
    one folder. I just looove that.

    I might give this app a try later, but even with with some
    server problems, SS is perfect for me.
    So i think im not trying it anytime soon,
    "If its not broken, dont try to fix it."

    In the end, it is a matter of taste what p2p app ppl uses,
    to say one is Better is a bit Biased,
    I am Biased too, i like SS for my own reason.
    Some guys swear to IRC or to Torrents, or all for them,
    SS does the thing for me. Atleast, for now.

    But it is good to know there's other p2p apps out there,
    thanks for informing.

    Spoiler: Show

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    Spider_dude's Avatar cawk BT Rep: +4
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    yes send all the tards who will eventually ruin slsk to other programs. thanks.

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    blubster sucks, kazaalite can give better results then blubster and yes blubster has alot of corrupted files just like the fastrack community. i suggest use mirc,ss. or overlite.

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    just give me .rar'd albums on ed2k

    this post is guaranteed 100% parrot-free


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