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    When Grand Theft Auto 3 was in development it's makers wanted to have a multiplayer function included in the game. Sadly and due to unknown reasons the multiplayer function was not implemented in the retail version of Grand Theft Auto 3. Although the feature was not in the product, the lines of code for the multiplayer were not removed. This opened possibilities to enable a multiplayer feature. Although the modification is still in its early alpha versions, the basics already work.

    Multi Theft Auto is a multiplayer mod for GTA3 and unlike many other "mods" there is already a working and downloadable alpha sample available.

    Read more for details , specs and links!

    Details :
    Currently there are only 2 players supported yet
    Players on foot can't be seen yet, so you can only see each other while driving in a car
    For now, GTA3:MTA uses a so called 'previous-car method', which means that your previous car belongs to the other player.
    Car-models are not working yet, so you don't see the car where the other player is driving in (you're seeing just your 'previous' car driving), but the car is tuned and drives like the car where the other player is driving in (mass, max. speed, etc.)
    There is some sort of (very simple) synchronisation implemented in the first release
    GTA3:MTA runs on the background, so you have to connect to your server with GTA3:MTA, run GTA3 and start playing! It's not implemented in GTA3 yet, we're working on that
    In the next release: code is rewrited, that means that the program is more stable and running faster, new layout, using pedestrian-method instead of previous-car method (so it might be possible to see each other then). Keep checking this site for the newest releases!


    more info at.

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    cool i love this game

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    this multiplayer feature could be really handt. i tried it and it works for me.

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    i just heard about the mutieplayer funktion.. realy cool... and the reason for not getting the multieplayer in gta 3 is that rockstar didn't want that because of gta 4.. they thought that if gta 3 had multieplayer funktion people wouldn't buy gta4 anymore... and it worked... well... poor rockstar.. we will have what we want won't we!!


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