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Thread: Mixed Tape(s) Made For Your Loved One(s)

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    Ok i thought i would do this in a new here the mix tapes/various artist CD's you have made for the person you can just do tracklists or you could include the reason why you put the songs on the CD...I have only made one...this was made for my last girlfriend as a part of her 18th birthday present...i decorated the CD and the case and everything and wrote a message on it...pretty much bared my soul to her again...but yeah i reckon it was the greatest present i have ever given anyone *even though it only cost $5* (cd, case,blue marker,pen)...but least i know it came from the heart ...but yeah here is the tracklist and the reasons why i put the songs on this CD...

    1. Something Corporate - Punk Rock Princess
    *cause she was my punk rock was what i used to call her...i thought it was the best way to start off the CD*

    2. Blink 182 - Going Away To College
    *cause i went away to college...and she was left there by herself...and yeah i did write to her everyday and its just a sweet song really*

    3. Bryan Adams - Everything I Do
    *one of the best love songs ever made...tis was also so true about our love...i would do everything for her *even if she wouldnt do the same*

    4. 1927 - If I Could
    *its actually the song that she said reminded her of me...and its a classic Australian pop/rock love song...but yeah once she told me that...i couldnt stop listening to it*

    5. Me First & the Gimme Gimmes - Danny's Song
    *well its just an awsome song...we both love MFATGG...and it speaks so true...cause we didnt have no money...but all that mattered to her was our love*

    6. 3 Doors Down - Here Without You
    *one of the most obvious songs to put on...i couldnt of written a better song about long distance was just so true about the way i was feeling*

    7. Linkin Park - With You
    *in my opinion one of lp's best songs...included this especially because of the last verse...cause all i could wait for was tomorrow...cause it was a day closer to seeing her again*

    8. Hoobastank - To Be With You
    *this is just a really beautiful everyone that knew me was telling me to ditch her...but i still decided to love her and not pay attention to what my friends were saying*

    9. Mest - Cadillac
    *i added this song cause i promised her one day we will cruise all around Oz in a cadillac and not have a care in the world...and just go where ever and do what ever we wanted*

    10. Guttermouth - She's Got The Look
    *this song i put on basically because she loves guys in bands...and plus i would do anything for her...and yeah there were some opposites in there that were true*

    11. Everclear - I Will Buy You A New Life
    *this was put on because she was always dreaming of getting away from it all with i just really wanted to buy her a new life*

    12. Millencolin - A-Ten
    *We were friends before we decided to go further...i was there for her after 3 guys broke her her self-confidence...and yeah gave her my i had to watch her go for my best friend to star off yeah this song was the story of before we were together*

    13. Lit - Perfect One
    *this was basically put on because i thought she was the perfect one...and yeah i was just an ordinary guy and she was definately something else*

    14. The Atari's - I.O.U. One Galaxy
    *one of the great punk love songs...this was a definant...cause i did give her my heart...she was my best friend (still is one of them aswell)...and yeah i would basically do anything for that girl*

    15. Unwritten Law - Before I Go
    *we were talking about dying for each other...and i said that i would die for her...and when i do die...i would give her my soul...and yeah its also a beautiful song and always makes me think*

    16. A Perfect Circle - Magdalena
    *this was the song that reminded me of her...this song just has everything...awsome lyrics *wouldn't expect anything less from maynard*...and a great sound...and yeah she was a godess in my eyes*

    17. Fuel - Shimmer
    *this is a song that must be on nearly every single mix tape for a girl since it came out...Everytime i hear that song it makes me think of whoever i have at that point in time...and yeah when u hear it 3 times in one day...the girl never escapes your mind*

    18. Dave Matthews Band - Crash Into Me
    *"Touch your lips just so I know. In your eyes, love, it glows so. I'm bare-boned and crazy for you."...those lyrics pretty much say it all...everytime i heard this song i just automatically thought of her*

    19. Leonardo's Bride - Even When Im Sleeping
    *The greatest love song ever...everything about it just makes it such a great song...and yeah when your in love and you hear this just think of your partner...its how i felt*

    20. Incubus - I Miss You
    *the first time i heard this song after i left for mackay was 10 days later...and yeah it was just a song that got stuck in my head...and yeah i was missing her like crazy*

    21. Good Charlotte - Seasons (Acoustic)
    *this is our matter what happens between us it will always be our song...and yeah i put the acoustic version on because it has so much more feeling...and yeah i can listen to it now and not break down...which is cool...but i thought it would be the best ending for the CD*

    *The reason for 21 songs was because we first met on the 21st of November 2001*

    But yeah we both love every song on this CD...just goes to show no matter what...we have great taste in music and a common taste in music *EXCEPT I HATE USHER* (soulseek peeps know what im talking bout...*songs/albums u downloaded for pussy*)...will never forget that...but yeah its been 2 weeks since her 18th...and theres been lots of drama between us...and lots of shit i wont go into...but i will always love her in some way...and for a first mix CD to a girl i pretty happy with it...anyways hopes you guys and girls share your own...

    Laters And Love
    Cely :music1:

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    a well
    Well I have no loved ones so I don't make mix tapes for them. There is this one reading teacher at school I have made mix cds for. She likes jazz and classical music. I gave her 3 cds full of ballds from heavy metal bands, she loved them. B)
    And here be the cover for the second cd I made her.

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    Celery I'd have to say your post in this topic was very helpful as I've made a series of mix CDs for my loved one, From the Pit To Your Heart Volumes 1 & 2 as I call them.
    Working on volume 3 for about two months now, but heres the track list for my previous comps:

    From The Pit, To Your Heart
    Volume 1
    14 Tracks That Kick You In The Shin Then Melt Your Heart

    01 - Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - Nobody Does It Better
    its true so this song tells her that

    02 - Goldfinger - Going Home
    i gave her a lot of rides home when we first started dating, perfect fit

    03 - The Living End - Tainted Love
    she likes the song but its really not a song to give to someone you still love

    04 - Good Riddance - Always
    a great fast punk rock song that tells it like it is

    05 - Yellowcard - Everywhere
    getting lame here but she even thought the original version of this song was to girly, yellowcard covers it well

    06 - Goldfinger - Miles Away
    a song that asks how deep is your/my love, and answers it

    07 - Me First and The Gimme Gimmes - Mandy
    figure it out why this songs on here

    08 - Finch - Untitled
    harder song stating when "i miss you"

    09 - Goldfinger - Feel Like Making Love
    much better cover than kid rocks version, too much goldfinger already

    10 - Propagandhi - I Want You To Want Me
    one of the greatest love songs ever turned punk

    11 - The Suicide Machines - What I Like About You
    yet another cover song, self explanatory

    12 - Weezer - Holiday
    a great song to sing to your woman especially if she wants to be taken away on a vacation

    13 - Deftones - Say It Ain't So (Live)
    another cover but slightly romantic

    14 - NOFX - Falling In Love
    not so romantic but a song about two lovers about to die in a plane crash...but not alone. had to include nofx

    From The Pit To Your Heart
    Volume 2
    No Original Way To Say "I Love You"

    01 - Hi Standard - Falling In Love
    it's not the same last track from the previous mix but another punk rock cover song serving as a great intro

    02 - The Offspring - Want You Bad
    some great lines in this song about how bad shes wanted

    03 - MFATGG - All My Lovin
    great beatles cover here

    04 - Good Riddance - Think Of Me
    another hardcore song explaining emotions without getting all emo

    05 - Unwritten Law - Your My Angel
    somewhat lame but it gets the job done

    06 - Goldfinger - If Only
    not a bad love song but dedicate it to someone your not with

    07 - NOFX - Lazy
    a bracket cover but i am lazy

    08 - MxPx - Do Your Feet Hurt
    i love saying some cheap pick-up lines to her so this song worked nicely

    09 - Ten Foot Pole - Love song

    10 - Goldfinger - More Today Than Yesterday
    another damn cover song, no originality here

    11 - MFATGG - I Only Want To Be With You
    self explanatory

    12 - Less Than Jake - We Go Together
    goofy grease song but gotta get some laughs or smiles out of her

    not as romantic and meaningful as celery's but just about the same thing is being brought accross thru making these CDs for loved ones...

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    yorkshire, england
    once my mate said they wanted a cd of the shit i listen too

    so i made him this


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    Ok i thought i should post my latest mix tape...

    its one done out of loathe instead of love...its a get back mix tape aimed at my ex...tis a very colourful playlist...going across a few genre's...But there are some really top songs in there...but yeah i titled it *21 reasons why*...i cant tell ya why i called it that...*tis personal* (hehehe)...but anyways here is the playlist

    21 Reasons Why

    1. Staind - Mudshovel
    2. Cold - Ugly
    3. Limp Bizkit - Let It Go
    4. Adema - Betray
    5. Crazy Town - Waste Of Time
    6. Dope - Bitch
    7. Three Days Grace - I Hate Everything About You
    8. Jerk - Love Your Drugs
    9. Insane Clown Posse - Another Love Song
    10. Kittie - Raven
    11. Linkin Park - Pushing Me Away
    12. Hoobastank - Give It Back
    13. Audioslave - What You Are
    14. A Perfect Circle - Sleeping Beauty
    15. Blink 182 - Cacophony
    16. Lit - Miserable
    17. The Offspring - She's Got Issues
    18. Zebrahead - The Set-Up
    19. Area 7 - Let Me Down
    20. Anal C*nt - The Only Reason Men Talk To You Is Because They Want To Get Laid, You Stupid Fucking C*nts
    21. The Ataris - The Last Song I Will Ever Write About a Girl

    *tis all in good taste...i love this mix tape so much...its like a child*

    Cely :music1:

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    I never bother making my boyfriend tapes anymore.
    He steals all my c.d's anyway.
    If I did, Arsehole, by Snuff, would be on it 10 times.

    The Last CD I Made For My Ickle Bro.

    1)I Love Rock n Roll - Ghoti Hook
    2)Video Killed the Radio Star - Bouncing Souls
    3)My Brothers Gay - The Vandals
    <span style='color:purple'>(im sure he is. )

    4)We&#39;re All Dudes - LTJ
    (he has an annoying habit of saying "dude" when talking to anyone)
    5)Jerimiah Was a Bullfrog - Lagwagon
    (i took he to a Lagwagon concert, he lurved it&#33
    6)Kicking Pidgeons - [Spunge]
    7)Roots, Radicals, Rockers and Reggae - SLF
    8)You&#39;re Pretty When Youre Drunk - Bloodhound Gang
    9)I Wanna Get a Mohawk - AFI
    (he does)
    10)I Don&#39;t Wanna Grow Up - Descendents
    (he doesn&#39;t)
    11)I Wanna Be Naked - Screaching Weasel
    (since he was young, he&#39;s been obsessed with being naked. freaks me out)
    12)Get Them Immigrated - Manic Hispanic
    14)If The Kids Are United - Sham 69
    15)Nowhere Fast - MU330
    16)Rudie Cant Fail - The Clash
    17)Easy Cheese - Mad Caddies
    (we went to see these together too)
    18)My Worst Enemy - Lit
    19)Thigh High Nylons - Mustard Plug
    20)Titty Twister _ Diesel Boy
    21)So Long, Farewell - The Vandals</span>

    Gotta post one an ex sent to me, when I remember....It was sweet.

    (hiya Celery. )
    They can tak' oour lives, but they cannae tak' oour troousers!
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    great comps from cely and lilmiss
    getting some of these songs now

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    Hm....I made this one for my ex boyfriend, since we&#39;re still friends and his music taste is fucked. I felt it my duty to help

    1. Rasputina- Tourniquet
    I drove him somewhere, I was listening to this the the car, and he said totally seriously that i was fucked up. Great, but fucked up. I&#39;m still amused whenever I hear this- its a cover of a Manson song

    2. Puscifer- REV 22:20
    The sexiest, slinkiest song ever written. Maynard James Keenan, Danny Lohner. Check it out

    3. Nine Inch Nails- Closer
    I hope I don&#39;t have to explain this one

    4. Jet- Are you gunna be my girl?
    Meaningless happy music. Smiley stuff.

    5. HIM- Wicked Game
    A cover of a chris isaak, so good. Its worth checking out the cover of Rebel Yell, as well

    6. Smashing Pumpkins- Disarm
    Not too imaginative, but the best song they ever did. Sad

    7. White Zombie- More Human than Human
    The only song i put on this that I was sure he&#39;d like. if only for the porn SFX

    8. Anoxia- Awake
    My best friends band... fucking gold. Kinda tool, kinda tea party, all good.

    9. Stabbing Westward- Sleep
    Yet another song which did nothing to dispel the notion that I&#39;m fucked.

    10. Black Sabbath- Paranoid
    Oh, Ozzy.

    11. Rasputina- Things I&#39;m gunna do
    More Rasputina. Beautiful stuff. Definitely my favorite band right now.

    12. The Tea Party- Alarum
    I am fully convinced that all you need to like the tea party is exposure...

    13. Faith No More- Gentle Art of Making Enemies
    Mike Patton is the most amusing motherfucker in the world. Definitely happy music

    14. Tool- Sober
    My favorite tool song. Gorgeous

    15. Bjork- All is full of love
    I really recommend that you find the filmclip for this. So sad and so beautiful.

    Yup. If you have time, DOWNLOAD them ALL&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33; Ahhh hahaha
    Seriously now, you won&#39;t regret it.

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    Thanks - this is a great topic. Sometimes my brain gets mushy and I cant think of any good songs to find - so this helps get the juices flowin&#39; again. About finding files - Where do all these mis-named files come from? So many have the wrong artist, name of song, album, etc. If someone takes the time to add their music files to share - I would think they had the info about the song available. for instance - Butthole Surfers song "pepper" has about 6 different names to call it. WTF&#33;

    If I DL something that is not right, I will edit the info - so at least its going out of my folder pretty clean.

    BTW - What catagory would you put T. Rex? - do you think he is the first New Waver? or more like Psych. Rock? opins please

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    Heya Peeps

    @ lilmiss long time no speak...gawd that mix tape was funny...hope ya been good...and yes some ex&#39;s are just so sweet *like myself*...hey the bitch is lucky i still even talk to her *cat claws*...but yeah im really getting into making mix tapes again...will end up making one for every occasion *hehehe*

    @gutter...i actually saw your files on soulseek for the first time in have some very cool stuff...just wish i had all day net access...sorry about deleting the stuff i was gonna mirc stuff finally started downloading at the same time so it was even slower...and your mix tapes are brilliant aswell...and dont worry music is the only way im romantic...all other area&#39;s im shit at...oh and poetry im good at aswell *yeah im a fag deep down inside somewhere* (hehehe)...

    @random...that is one kickass way to change a persons music taste from shitty to all good...some really nice songs in there...well everything besides Jet...most people know my opinion of Jet and triple J for that matter aswell (well besides full metal racket)...but yeah smashing pumpkins, tea party, tool, white zombie...tis all there...

    @talkpretty...yes some ppl who use kazaa are f*cksticks and have to make life difficult to download songs...especially songs by me first and the gimme barely ever find any songs because people rename them...but yeah you eventually find the right songs in the end...

    Cely :music1:

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