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Thread: The War

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    Okay, first off, the government wants you to believe that drug money funds terrorism. That's a bunch a bullshit, Oil funds terrorism!!!!

    We don't need oil. Car companies have made vehicles that run purely off of ethanol. The republican party doesn't want us to use these cars because then they won't get rich off of oil, even though creating these cars would give farmers there jobs back. (ethanol is made from corn, if you didn't know)

    What does this have to do with the war? I'll tell you.

    We are going to war over oil (among other things). We buy the oil. That money gets to terrorists, and the terrorists bomb us.

    So, in the end, our troops are going to die so that terrorist can get the money to kill our civilians.

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    They can also make cars that run on rapeseed oil and ethanol from wood pulp.

    I saw a Rapeseed oil powered had run for 1 year and travelled 10,000miles on the amount of Rapeseed it takes to cover a football field.

    There are also Wankle engines which are very efficient, and travel a lot further than than conventional on the same amount of fuel.

    And yes...the oil companies buy up these patents and inventions and they never hit the streets.

    I also agree the war is about oil.

    BP are not exactly spotless on Human Rights in certain places, and most International Companies are the same...they will do what they can get away with to increase profits.

    But I cannot, in all honesty blame the oil companies for financing the terrorists that the USA is after....other ones maybe, but not Al Queda (unless its via Saudi)

    The money for terrorism comes from many sources though....

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    Yes, they do have alternative technologies available that don't rely upon oil. However, these technologies are expensive, and they do not provide a reasonable alternative without a huge investment by the consumer.

    We are at war because we are an imperialist country, we believe in democracy and peace, and we have earned the right to do so.

    Cheaper oil for the world will be an excellent benefit from our position in the middle east, but please don't be nieve, we are not there to protect oil. We have a huge supply of our own oil that could be tapped at any time, while a transition to an alternative fuel source occurs.--

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