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Thread: Kotor Black Screen

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    I searched the forums and did not see a specific answer to this problem. After installing KOTOR, the patch, and the crack, when I run the game it just leads me into a black screen from which there is no return. The game launcher works, but once in the actual game, void.

    Any experiene with this? I've updated my driver files (ati radeon 9500 pro).

    Thanks for any help,

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    That blank screen you speak of was only supposed to happen with radeon 9600 pro cards, strange that a 9500 is getting it (unless its something else). Anyway, bioware released a patch for the game not too long ago which fixes alot of problems such as this. You can get the patch here.

    It may not like being on a cracked game, so youll have to install it on a fresh kotor install with no crack. Then download the latest 1.0.1 crack for KOTOR.


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