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Thread: Black Screen

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    I am using both eMule and K++. Movies that I download from eMule seem to play just fine but almost everything I download from K++ plays with a blank screen.
    The slider at the bottom (Media Player 9) moves, but nothing ever plays and no sound. I have downloaded a movie 6 different times (all different file names) but they all have the same problem. Of the 12 or more movies I have downloaded, I have successfully viewed 2.
    I am using the latest ACE MegaCodec pack and I am 99.99% sure it is not a codec problem. (Like I said things I download from eMule paly just fine).

    Any suggestions?

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    most will recommend klite codec pack
    but you should just download
    if it doesn't play in videolan its a fake
    videolan has its own codecs to render movies, but again its probably fake
    FYI: wmp9 has drm installed so its not the best choice to play copyrighted material

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    You are probably just downloading FAKE files.


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