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Thread: Nero Problems As Well

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    i have a dvd burner. I also have quite a few dvd+rws. The usb for the dvd burner, which is external, is 2.0. My computer is non- high speed usb. whenever i try to erase the dvd+rw, the process does not fail, just vanishees off the screen. It may go about 15 seconds on the first try, but after that it shows no effort of trying to regain the stability it needs to erase the dvd+rw. I have also tried other programs like alcohol 120 and dvd x copy, none of which seemed to work. Dvd x copy told me that a caple may be lose or something. Does any one have any other ideas? Ive reinstalled windows also so thats not it.

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    Did you check for any loose cables?

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    yea none are lose. all there is is the power and the usb cables


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