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Thread: Most Reliable Burning For Audio Cds

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    My ultimate goal is to be able to burn a CD that my XBOX will be able to recognize as a music CD and play it.

    For what ever reason the XBOX does not recognize most CR-Rs so I purchased some memorex CD-RWs to see if those work.

    No luck either, but I am beginning to think that it is more so my CD-burner or the program that I am using to burn the disc's. The last disc I burned on a CD-RW using music match wouldn't even play in my home CD-player and skipped like mad in my Car CD player.

    I am thinking that the drivers in my CD burner may be out of whack, so to confirm this I want to use the best burning software.

    What I am looking for is a program that is known to burn disc's that will play in most every CD Player out there. Cars, home theaters even xboxs?

    If this program can't burn a disc that my home CD can't play... then it has to be drives drivers.

    How do you update your drives drivers?

    I have recently tried using Music Match 7.5, Nero 6.0 and even windows media player. All with little to no success.


    My Drive is listed on my device manager as :

    LG CD-RW CED-8102B

    and my driver is

    microsoft driver


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    Nothing wrong with the drive on your PC or the disks you're using. Newer Xbox's simply don't allow you to play CD-R's (in most cases anyway). The first few builds did, but later models don't. Aside from putting a new drive in your Xbox there's nothing you can do.

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    Well I still should be able to burn a CD that will be able to play in my home stereo or in my car.

    My XBOX is 2 years old , and I was under the impression that CD-RWs were often successfully.


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