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Thread: Suprnova Forum Down?

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    Just wondering cause I haven't been able to access it for a day and a half. I think I'm developing post traumatic stress disorder.

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    forum schmorum...I haven't even been able to connect to any of the trackers for most of today. Seems to be getting better...

    ..but no, I can't get on their forum either for the last couple of days

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    Whew after 40+ hours it just got back up. And the link for the forum is Not or .org thats for d/ling, not forum.

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    i cant go to it. it says theres like a malscript. i havent been able to go to suprnova for like a week.

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    It veries depending on where you live. Lots of people were able to get on yesterday. The host was bought out a couple of weeks ago, iddrive, and they've had nothing but problems. They claim the storm is over and most people can connect now.


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