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Thread: How To Figure Out Which Codec Is Used?

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    I recall a post that lead me to a tool that gave information on video-files, in particular which codecs a movie or clip used, but I lost that tool some time back.
    And now I did a search, but didn't come up with the post I was looking for, so here goes nothing... heh...
    Does anyone know the name of that program?
    I got all the codecs I need so I haven't got any problems, but was talking to a friend about it because he would have a use for it, and then I found out I didn't even remember the name of the thing lol...

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    GSpot, comes with codec pack

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    Ah yeah, Avicodec was the one I meant.....

    And wouldn't you know it, just when I think I had every codec I needed, I get a file that needs another one lol.... ah well, I already solved that, was some weird codec that I found on google.
    Anyways, I'll suggest both tools to my bud, sounds like he might wanna give them both a spin.


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