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Thread: Best Speed Up Tool

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    I just got cable modem connection after about a year off. I'm now running kazaalite 2.4.2, and the accelerator doesn't seem to do much.. I can remember earlier versions/tools that did a much better job finding more sources.

    What is the best speed up tool to run with klite 2.4.2?

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    Download the last K-Lite 2.4.3 from HERE has a kick ass accelerator.

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    That link doesnt work...

    Try my link in my sig.

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    thanks. i d/l'd 2.4.3... BUT, before I install it, what will happen to my currently downloading files under 2.4.2? I have been d'ling knights of the old republic now for 24 hours, and I don't want to lose the half completed downloads.

    So, if I install 2.4.3, will it resume the downloads from 2.4.2?

    thanks again

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    -AND- if I do install 2.4.3, should I ditch kazaaIgnite?

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    Ok, I installed 2.4.3. I see no difference between it and 2.4.2

    It appears to be the same download accelerator as in 2.4.2!

    What's the difference?

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    Originally posted by Cotton@4 January 2004 - 01:38
    That link doesnt work...

    Try my link in my sig.
    The link is working fine.

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    yes, working for me 2

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    works for me too

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    omg this thread is old

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