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Thread: In N Out Secret Menu

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    "Animal Style" - bun is grilled with mustard, grilled onions instead of raw, pickles, extra "special sauce"
    "Wish Burger" - no meat, i.e. veggie burger
    "Protein Style" - lettuce wrapped around the burger instead of a bun
    "Old Fashioned Style" - ketchup and mustard instead of the special sauce
    "Flying Dutchman" - two meat patties with two slices of cheese"Double Meat" - Double Double without cheese
    "4x4" - 4 meat patties with 4 slices of cheese.
    "2x4" - 2 meat patties with 4 slices of cheese
    "Grilled Cheese" - cheeseburger, no meat
    "Fries - well done" - fries extra crispy and brown "Choco-Vanilla Swirl Shake" - just what it sounds like
    "Neopolitan Shake" - a blend of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry shakes.

    Best BurgERs EVER YA GOTTA GO!

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    can anyone see my signature?

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    Sig is sweet and Animal Style... ya gotta love it!

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    In N Out is good to eat at, they have wierd names for these things. Yeah see your sig

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    I'm starting to go to In-N-Out more now than Carl's Jr. or Hardees' or some other subdivision thereof lol

    You guys ever had Sonic Burger? It's almost better than In-N-Out!

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    Never heard of a sonic burger before. Carl's Jr and Hardees or whatever name these people have now reminds me of that post.

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    sonic burger is ok


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