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Thread: Hotmail Hack

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    Anyone know how to get into an account?

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    been here like 5months AND STILL DONT KNOW THE RULESS???!!

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    im not tryin to hack it for mellicous purposes. i need to reactivate an account so i can share vids to u bastards

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    why not make another account??

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    u dont understand ive paid for an account and i need to activate it, but i done this ages ago and just made a hotmail for it. But to login in you gota use your hotmail account and a password. I cant remember what my pass was so i send send to my email but i forgot that i used an old hotmail for it, so u see my problem. I'm not gunna make a new one coz i'm not payin for another one when i already got one.

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    u must remember ur secret question ~.

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    ok do this

    send me your email and your pass and the email u want to hack

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    my pass? for what

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    anyone know what i could do, i cant remember my secret becuase i dont use the account i just made it up to fill in the registration.

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    Why not just contact HotMail?

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