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Thread: Fakes

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    Holy crap! When someone asks the benefit of eMule one of the things I mention is how few bullst*t files exist on the network. I've never dl a fake file......until tonight! I dl three of them!!!

    Well, at least with eMule u can report the fakes and try to rid them from the network. I not soured on eMule, just a bit shocked.
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    omg i dunt even fink ive ever got a fake

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    Yeah, it was strange. Maybe just someone who doesn't like Eric Clapton. All three were supposed to be live bootlegs one was CCR, one was Pink Floyd, and one was an anime movie with an mp3 extension.

    Even 3 in one night is better than what u'd get on FT.
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    That's odd, I've often downloaded from the search function and barely ever had fakes (and those were reported so I cancelled the file before getting far).
    Bad luck it seems.


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