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Thread: Tmpgenc Problems

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    just installed TMPGenc PLUS 2.5 on my PC and changed the encode format to VIDEO-CD as i normally do, then i went to insert a movie file, in this case it was S.W.A.T and the movie file appeared OK, its just the audio file comes up with nothing, now the file i have has audio but its very low, could this be the problem wth TMPGenc not seeing the audio? or is it another settings problem?

    thanks for any help

    EDIT-turns out its just the SWAT file causing the problem, i entered in another file with perfect audio and it worked fine!


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    But Swat is in 5 channel sound is the other file you tested the same!!!
    If not you need something can't recall what but its on here somewhere OR convert the audio to 2 channel with something like Avi2Vcd its the Audio Decompress side you need.


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