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Thread: Search Problems

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    I am having a biggie of a problem right now. Whgen I search, nothing found, I tried many times and I get nothing, so I did the logical thing. I typed sex in the search line for all file types and "no files found" I always keep it on unlimited search and for whatever reason, no results, none at all. No one is uploading form me and I am not downloading from anyone and I know I have some popular files. Any help is much appreciated.

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    Try turning off ASM (Auto Search More) and then typing something (make sure it is diferent from the last thing u tryed searching 4), let me know if this helps.

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    tried it, no good

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    I still nee PLEASE anyone, I WANT to share, but I can't, any help is good

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    Once when I had this problem....I had changed a few settings that really didnt seem to help.

    Until I had changed the port. (reason being the port you are using may be blocking the program, and or the Isp may be blocking that port??) Anyways, if it works once, it may work again.


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    If you are searching in Software, go to options and Filter, and make sure box for "filter file types that can potentially contain viruses" is unchecked.


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