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Thread: Accidentally Cancelled A Download

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    Help Please

    I accidentally cancelled a download while nearly finished. I had copied the dat file to another directory to try to play it. Can I copy this dat file back to the shared folder and continue on downloading???. I tried this but it is not showing up in the traffic part.....

    Will restore help me ????


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    Do what you have done copy file back BUT as quick as you can close down and open again KaZaa keeping your fingers crossed ,I did this months ago and was lucky see what happens if its a no go its another download sorry.
    Opp's nearly forgot make sure the cancelled file is removed from folder first BEFORE you put the other one in don't overwirte it.

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    thanks for that I couldnt wait for a reply so I went and used restore which worked ok will use your method next time I am an idiot


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