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Thread: Return Of The King Aquired 1 Of 4

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    Hi currently i have part 1 of 4 of return of the king which is logistic ts version by tmd and it is 177190kb. i am wondering if anyone has parts 2, 3 and 4.


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    I have been trying to download all 4 since December 24th - only a few kilobytes of each so far

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    I have the 3 piece one picture is very good for a cam the sound dull and low at 1 hour into it I stopped watching will wait for a better one to come along,I know some are on modems but take it from me don't bother they took me 3 days non stop to get on broadband. 3 version anyone bothered.

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    The 3 file one is much better quality, don't bother with the one that is 4 files, I've got files 1 and 3 and am 30mb short of having file 2, damn thing just hasn't moved for the last 4 hours!


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