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Thread: Movies

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    when i burn a movie i can only play on computer not my dvd player what am i doing wrong

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    you have to encode it to vcd or svcd
    to encode movies the right way you need to follow a few guidelines
    1. download tmpgenc
    2. remove all bad frames
    3. make sure tmpgenc is set up correctly (don't worry about setting you don't have, just the ones you do have )

    3. If you want to speed up the encode you can put it on motion estimate search (change the motion search precision as seen @ the bottom here)

    but remember you're giving alittle quality by encoding that way, transversely if you put it on best quality, it takes even longer but you get the very best
    once its compleatly encoded to vcd or svcd open nero and burn it
    hope this helps

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    the other problem could be that your dvd player is a older version.and can not read recorded vcd's

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    If you check muchspl's links at bottom of sig there is a test file that you can download and burn to see if your DVD will actually play VCD's.

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    ty for the help. i havnt tried it yet because i wanted to know if i should use nero or i also have roxio easy cd & dvd creator 6. i paid alot of money for the roxio and would like to use it. ty again

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    How did u know was talking about a VCD could of beeen talking about a dvd-r


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