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Thread: Intergrity Ratings

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    it doesn't really work because if you rate a file as POOR you won't share it anyway, so idiots who rate it as excellent for the hell of it make the file appear excellent
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    The ratings themselves aren't bad, but maybe the way in which things were rated could use a bit of an overhaul. If the file is shared my multiple users and say if all the users rate it the average rating then could be posted. So, if say 10 ppl were sharing the same file and the majority said excellent and a couple said average and one said poor the rating would read average or if no one said poor the rating would be excellent and so on. But I think that's a bit too much interactivity and wouldn't work too well in the p2p format. I however do rate files, and I'm honest about my ratings.

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    Most people mistake their own mediocrity for excellence. So why should they do any better when rating their files?

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    The ratings system is not to rate the Quality of a particular file, if you read the Kazaa explanation it states the purpose to is the rate the files information integrity. I do not agree with that assessment by Kazaa, I do however rate all of my files and if the file is a normal Quality file it is rated Average, however if the file is (lets say a DVD rip on 2 or more discs) large or excellent in Quality then I would rate it Excellent and so on.

    Sometimes I do share poor files (IE screencams, etc.), however if you were to read Kazaa's instructions you would not have anything poor, because if it is named wrong or has non-sense type info then you would correct it, thus making it average or better. I use it as a Quality and info rating, I correct all file names in my share folder and rate everything as I get the chance.

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    You are right, but sure enough you will find people rating TMD movies "excellent". According to that definition, it would mean it might be of poor quality, but at least the integrity of the file itself leaves nothing to be desired. I understood it the way you used it and would have given them "poor".
    Also, if there were more options to choose from, I might feel more enticed to use it. (There are many shades of gray between average and excellent - good for instance?) If you move files around like I have to do occasionally, as I spread my shared files all over my drives or change the K-Lite version, your ratings will be gone. That might be ok for 50 files or so, but not for 1900 (I'm sharing an awful lot of docs and TV shows). I rated most of them twice, but since my last re-install, I couldn't be bothered anymore.

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    Originally posted by DarthInsinuate@26 February 2003 - 07:30
    it doesn't really work because if you rate a file as POOR you won't share it anyway, so idiots who rate it as excellent for the hell of it make the file appear excellent
    I still carry files in my shares that I have rated as "poor"..I do this because the file is still viable ..otherwise I would just delete it. I always rate my files on their "technical merit". This is the way it should be done..I just wish that more people would do this. I'm sure you heard the addage.."opinions are like a**holes..everybody has one." I agree with "SideSwiped".. if your gonna take the time to rate a file, at least do it honestly. I also will change a filename when necessary to reflect it's true state or content.

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    I have very few average. I basically label mine excellent, if I dont have a sound problem (loudness) or contant flickering. Those that flicker I label as poor. I dont delete these as no one else carries a different copy. Any file is better than no file I figure. Still, even though excellent outnumbers the poor, more people download the poor ones off me.

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    ones excellences is other mans poor..

    but yes i do agree, some people rate dog shit as excellence
    but nothing we can do about that.... sometimes those who share the files and spread that file around, it will be listed as excellence even though the person downloaded didn't rate it...


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    I think some people think that integrity means how good the film was and not how good the quality is.

    Sometimes i have typed in a film and it got poor against it, but as it has got more and more users it has

    changed to Excellent

    I have also seen it on mp3's (Excellent) and only had half the song

    I rate my films that way at least some people wont end up having to search for a decent copy.

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