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Thread: Hard Drive Hlp

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    I have a Dell and just purchases a new hard drive. THe problem is it wont fit in the computer. When they made the computer they put the first hard drive in the first slot which forces me to move the new one i just bought into the second but it wont fit it hits the top of the CD BAY. ANy ideas??

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    you could put the hard drive into a cdrom drive bay using just 2 screws and the otehr side might hang down a little not sure if thats safe. You can buy a cdrom - hard drive adapter thingy to make it fit there properly but not sure where to buy them or what they are even called.

    Maybe u could try taking out the old hard drive and put that into the second slot then put teh new one in the first slot.

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    I have seen several HDD coolers that mount the drive in an adaptor the size of a standard CD bay.
    So you would kill two birds with one stone ( sorry, Lamsey).
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    could you give us some information?
    can you list the dell model and what you have already in the case
    before you add this new harddrive...what i am trying to
    find out is how much space is available inside.
    perhaps all you need to do is rearrange some hardware.

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    If you have a spare cd rom bay then buy a hard drive caddy and install it there, its cheap and means you can also hot swap this drive with another computer.

    I have one installed on each of my 2 PC's, makes it ideal for swapping large amounts of data quickly.


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