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Thread: Problem With Port 3128

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    I've got acces to internet only through port 3128 (i can only watch www, anything else like edonkey, usenet.... don't work ;(
    If You got any suggestion how to make it work, please help!!!!

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    According to the website of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority port 3128 is used for the Active API Server*, which is created by Network Designers Limited. However I beleive this port is sometimes used by Proxy Servers. You are probably connected through a proxy server which is restricted to connections through port 3128. What Internet Service Provider** do you use? Or you may have an incorrect firewall configuration. Do you use a firewall? If you do, then please state the name of your software.

    *API is an abbreviation of Aplication Programming Interface.
    **Some Internet Service Providers cache content on proxies to reduce network load.

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    Yes I've got a proxy server and we use some automatic configuration script, like this one http://xxx.xx.x.x/proxy.pac and we'got a proxy server like this xxx.xx.xx.x:3128 Some folks from my job said, that they try everything, and it didn't work. But i think there is some way to make it work. But faqqq how long it's takes me to find it out ;(


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