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Thread: Kazaa And Clean Kmd

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    i read that kazaa 2.6 is goign to block k-lite users. is there anyway that it is goign to block Clean KMD user?
    and is Clean KMD legal in that the code of kazaa wasn't taken from sharman (like why k-lite was attacked by sharman)?

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    1. it was a rumour that klite users were gonna get blocked by 2.6 and i would worry about that at all until it actually happens which i personally doubt very much... in the mean time if it does happen as you are reading this thread, well i suppose then you can panic.... not really as there loads of file sharing programs on the net apart from kmd.

    2. no its not legal so keep it kinds unda ya hat.. mums da word..... heheheh....
    Personally i dont think KMD 2.6 is not legal either..... that is the reason i dont use any file sharing programs myself........


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