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Thread: Insecure Computer

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    i was reading the topics in softwearworld untill some replies to a post of mine came in, and saw this site in one topic brilliant Webpage .
    the point of this post is this site checks your computer for vunrabilaty and as i was running norton 2004 pro i thought i was rock solid so you can imagin how shocked i was at how vunrable my computer was to attack from the internet, it showed all my files and other things on my computer then testing some more with this site i found two ports completely open due to microsoft xp, i then closed these two port with my firewall and a small free program supplied via the site, retested and it came back as full protection and all port in stelth mode.
    so the moral is do not presume you are safe always check.
    i recomend this site it is brill
    ps i probably have one of the safest computer on the net now thanks to Steve Gibson the site owner.

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    Ya it is a neat freebe been posted before but worth repeating i failed one, port 5o open i beleve but the site showed how to close . thank you

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    Norton also have one couldn't get through my firewall though.
    It asks to come in so just say no then it still carries on with the rest of the tests they all passed.

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    i dont understand. why does it tell you to refrain form pushing reload while its site is open?

    am i supposed to go to free stuff?

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    Thats the site i use to test my firewall once in a while to make sure my computers is passed every test on that site.

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    Hmmm...I went to that site and thats what i get...
    Browser Reload Suppressed
    For your security, your web browser's "reload"
    function has been temporarily disabled
    Allowing a web browser to "reload" a page which has already been sent to you creates a "security hole" that would allow someone using your computer at any later time to attain potentially private and personal information.

    To safeguard your privacy we have disabled the browser's "reload" or "refresh" facility while you are in sensitive areas of our web site. Reloading pages will function normally once you have left this area . . . but until then please refrain from "reloading" pages.

    You may press your browser's  [BACK]  button now to return to the page prior to the one you were just viewing.

    Thanks very much for your interest and patronage.

    Is this normal?How do I get the security test?

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    LOL yeah the sites kinda funny to navigate. Anyway here's a direct link to the test:


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    I ran that yesterday and passed and again today


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