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Thread: Hotmail Hack Pt2

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    since agent smith decided to close my other post i thought i would explain to u judgmental pricks who thought i was trying to scam what my problem is. A while ago someone on this forum got a hold of my account to wweshopzone. See u need a hotmail address and a password, my email was and my password for shopzone was vengeance1. But to many people loged in so they closed my account. But i didnt know this at the time. I dont think i was even a member of this board. See the reason i used shopzone was coz i live in Oz and back then we didnt get the PPV's but then i came back on so i didnt use the account for a while. I then tried a few days ago and it said my account has been disabled so i sent it to my email which i did just create for wweshopzone. So when i went to login into my account my password has been changed. So i thought someone would might know how to get in. Thats all.

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    what don't you just create a new hotmail account?

    p.s., this belongs in internetworld

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    u judgmental pricks
    no, that would be me

    agent smith cant lock topics, and we cant discuss hacking on the board. if you need to get in touch with hotmail via email about your account, then just set up another, elsewhere if necessary - this one is quite good:

    all the best :beerchug:


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