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Thread: Tips For Noobs Fast Speeds

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    Noobs stop complaining about slow speeds and take my advice use an other p2p program, just check out all the files at all you need is the bittorent program installed
    and here are a huge amount of sites with files .

    You'll get the latest files and fast speeds with bittorent, the only thing is if you have a router youll have to forward ports 6881 - 6889, which is easy

    overnet clean with the hash links at

    you'll find you get far better speeds and the hash/torrent links work.

    For security precusions check out the faq

    there are also of plenty of other p2p programs

    For Music use soulseek or blubster light

    Shareaza, Emule and Mirc are great also........


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    i agree, kazaa (or fasttrack, whichever) has too many fakes! i mean yeah avi preview works, but why hassle when theres SOOOOO many other networks

    U RNT LEET LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!11111111111111

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    sounds great but first links doesn't work. I used to try WinMx but seems pointless with having to wait for permission to DL. Now there are so many Blank fakes on Kazaa I need help

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    I know how to use Mirc it's just that the files are Huge!! Some times one half movie is like 1.5gig!!

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    lol people finaly responded, anyway i think suprnovas having mirror problems at the moment and there's plenty of other bittorent sites in the link to the bittorent site list.

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    Added Overnet clean getting great speeds with it

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    The only problem is that on Suprnova there is no pr0n...and without pr0n there is no fun...=)
    Is there any other thing like Suprnova where there are lots of pr0n?

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    A fair amount of teh pron, though you'll probably want to check out

    I think I spelled that correctly.

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    dude ur the N00B 4 real Dog i dont care who u r but u are an N00b BitTorant takes 5721361283 days 2 download !!!!!!! peeps need something fast like kazaa lite ! dude get with the program!!!!
    guess what......... No!.....
    t:bomb has been planted
    ct: bomb has been defuzed!
    Game: Counter-terrorist wins!
    ----age:18 over cartoon funny pic---------
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    Kazaa had its hayday and now the next generation of P2P Applications are hitting the streets! Its only a matter of time before a viable trillian like application comes out for P2P networks! Once that hits you will see an explosion of users who will not respect the networks and the riaa (or mpaa by then) will start the suing again followed by yet another generation of p2p! For us techies this is a gr8 time to be a pirate but if your wise you wont stay on the populous networks like kazaa when the shit hits

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