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    I've been using Kazaa for a long time through my DSL connection through my office. Now I'm going to get a broadband connection at home and I have choice of cable or DSL. Now I know that cable is better but I noticed in the terms of service agreement for the cable service there is a cap on the amount gigs that can go up and down in one month and also a cap on the number of gigs for one day. I'm just checking to see if this is something that is commonly enforced and if there is anyway around it. I'm guessing I'll just have to live with DSL.

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    I think it's a general rule that cable cap. Obviously it depends on the company concerned, so the only way to know is to go through them all.

    If you go for the ADSL option, there are loads of ISPs to choose from. If you are in the UK you should check out:, which is a good guide to all them.

    Personally, for a 512K, the one I found the best was PlusNet, who do this for 22.99 per month, without caps or limits...(i.e. you can still Kazaa to your hearts content)
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    Actually I&#39;m in the US so the links actually don&#39;t help too much, but thanks anyway


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