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Thread: I Downloaded Nfsu

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    Oct 2003
    k i downloaded rawkins NFSU. ...

    however when i try to load the image to alcohol 120% it sez

    "cue sheet: line 1 - file not accesible"

    so what am i doing wrong. ive searched the forums for this kinda topic but the results were poor.


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    The cue-sheet is a plain text file describing the structure and the location of
    the BIN-file. Open it with notepad and make sure it's pointing to the correct location.

    The problem I had was when actually burning the image (not mounting) and after editing the cue-sheet with notepad all was well. I thought it may help in some way, maybe not.
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    This is not problem at all. If you can, select the file type as all types then open.

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    sounds like you don't now how to make a cue
    does the second disc have a cue the works, if so after you burn it open the secound cue and change the file name to the first cd

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    I had probs when trying to use cue for burning bin files as well, one of my good friends told me the cue had to have the exact path ("C:\My Documents\Games\Name of game.bin") so I edited in notepad and it worked!,....

    I thought that as long as the bin was in the same folder as the cue everything would work but, it didn't work for me

    Or in alcohol 120% you can select file>open>files of type>all files[*.*]>select your bin and just burn without the cue as Mad Cat stated



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