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Thread: Pc Not Booting Up

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    OK so I woke up early this morning hoping to do some downloading while I go to school. Ok so I start my pc and when it's loading it freezes at the White win2k screen with the blue bar. So i go and set my clock settings for my cpu at default and try again still freezes at the same place. So now I am in safe mode. What could be preventing my pc from booting properly? It worked yesterday and I haven't changed anything. I'm getting quite scared now.....

    Hmm... I seem to have fixed it. I disabled my modem and here I am but I dunno.. sometimes the school pc's have this problem too

    well gotta get my ass to school
    Ohh noo!!! I make dribbles!!!

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    could have been a bad device driver. Next time press f8 at boot up and try selecting the option to use "the last known good configuration" where your computer was working normally until it got screwed up. That is not system restore and you can only use that option before you actually boot into the o.s.

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    Just a thought, get hold of Nortons System Works. Install GoBack, & if the problem happens again, then recover the computer to start of day or even day before etc.

    So it beats reinstalling windows & lose all them prescous files that took hours to get hold of & sitting infont of the screen watching every second go by...Cough, soz got carried away

    just install goback


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