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Thread: New Ps2 With Progressive Scan

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    anyone know anything about these new ps2's with the new progressive scan, and readible dvdr drives? i heard they are move quiet too. and another cool option....built in infared jack (or whatever) for ur ps2 remote. that's so u don't have to take up another controller slot. now, u can have all 3. two controllers and a dvd remote without having to switch the crap around. anyway, anyon know if these sytems are good? anyone know anything about it's progressive scan mode? is it worth it? how does progressive scan mode work? pfttt, what's going on?
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    I'd think it would be similar to GCN games that support PAL 60Hz progressive scan. Although, it would require a SCART RGB output from your TV.

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    unless you got a hd tv and component video out from ps2.5 you are not going to tell the difference in progressive scan and normal


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