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Thread: Sharing Particular Folders... Problems...

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    Right... has anyone else had this problem...
    I used the find-files-to-share option to specify folders I wanted to share. I opted NOT to share a folder containign photos of my family and friends for obvious reasons... but it's in the same path as folders containign things I do want to share...
    eg... c:/documents and settings/my documents/pictures/family in the same general path as c:/documents and settings/my documents/movies
    last time I checked my downloads someone had uploaded a photo of one of my aunts from the folder that I didn't allow for use...
    how do I stop this from happening? I want to share (while keeping my stuff organised) but I don't want my family or personal files being paraded around for all to see... :helpsmile:

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    Instead of going to the Find Files To Share option, it would be better if you go to the other command, where you can specify specific folders to share. So you put a tick next to the c:/documents and settings/my documents/movies but not next to c:/documents and settings/my documents/pictures/family
    Hope that helps.

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    Also be careful what ur using for ur temp file. Most p2p apps automatically share the temp folder. If ur photos happen to be in a subfolder of the folder u designate as ur temp folder, they will most probably be shared.
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