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Thread: Major Problem

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    ok so i dint have that bug with the previous version but now on soon as i start shareaza i cant use my computer its soooo slow like if the hard drive was working all the time ive looked in the pprogram manager and the ressources are normal exept fort the "processus inactif" that stayed a 99% for half an hour
    dous anybody has a clue?

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    How fast is your computer and how fast are you downloading?

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    if you uninstalled the previous beta before installing the new one, shareaza erased all the hash information of the files. It's probably hashing all your files. You can check it by going to the home tab, and looking at the 'my library part'.

    Hashing is a process where raza generates tha sha1, ed2k and tigertree hashes of all your files.


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