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Thread: Crucial P2p

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    Hi people,

    I'd like to inform you (and thats all ) about a joint p2p site which i help out at. I thought it would be very useful to you guys because you are interested in file sharing and you can find files, which arent fake there. So you can search, find the file view it and find a review, image and hash link to download it using your client. It's still progressing and the design isnt fully complete, however we do try and release files everyday for members who want to download stuff. Theres only a negative side and that's you must register and activate your account via email before you can see and search hash files and release your own.

    I'm not asking you to register, so please dont flame this post i just thought it'll be useful for you if you need more verified files.

    Link : Crucial P2P

    Thanks for your time.

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    Oh great, i just remembered there's a problem. We'll fix it soon. Sorry about this.

  3. File Sharing   -   #3's back up now...enjoy.

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    hmm seems to be down

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    Should be ok now...


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