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Thread: Power Point

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    Does anyone klnow where i can download powerpoint? Is Kazaa the only place? I need to use it for a school project.

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    check the verified section

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    thanks, but are you inferring that I should request it in the request section or that it is in "Verifieds in a Can" or "Verified Hashes?"
    what is the difference between those two anyway?

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    there are hashes posted on the verified section were you can click on, that will make sure that you will download the correct file.

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    Yes, but I did not see powerpoint. Could you lead me to a specific thread?

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    ah, but i dont need any of those except for power point. is there some other way?

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    If you search for Office XP you get the full suite :Word ;Power point ;Excel ;Access ;Frontpage ;Outlook ;and all the office tools.
    You can custom install and only install the ones you want.


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