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Thread: Problem Installing

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    I got this great new program and it came with instructions and everything. But my problem is that the insturctions tell me to replace a file on my comp that is nessery for instalation. But I don't have that file to replace. Can I still install it?

    Thx for any and all help.


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    You can try

    Anyway, you have bought this application in a store so go back and give them shit, then request this file.

    BTW, what's the name of this file ?

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    Nevermind I got it, thanks for the help.

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    Sorry I got stuck again. It's the same program, but I found the problem. It's aking for me to replace the file in my temp folder. But I don't have a TEMP folder where it's asking. It's a downloaded program so I can't bitch to the store. The location is C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temp. I'm fine till it gets to local settings because it's not there, theres no folder that says local settings. I have more then one user account on this comp if thats an issue. Iv'e this has really been driving me up a wall in frustration.

    Thx again for help.

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    when you are unzipping your downloaded file. unzip it to a folder of your choosing so you know where to find it.

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    I can't. Because it is supose to show up when i'm half way through installation. Thats way it's gonin in a temp folder. It's not unzipping.

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    you need to enable "show hidden files & Folders" which can be found under Folder Options/View.
    Then youll be able to see "Local Settings/Temp" file


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