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Thread: Flash Mx 2004 ?

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    Hi can anyone help me,
    I downloaded macromedia Flash MX 2004 ,Demo from the site , I then downloaded the serial from KLite .
    When I entered the serial it then tried to activate on line and said that number had been activated too many times and would be refused.
    I then checked the other serials I had downloaded and one of them had a url to where I could get the activation text , so I went and got it but it was a zip with 3 files in it that had the same filenames as three files in the flash directory so I replaced them thinking this would activate it but it disabled the .exe prog altogether ?
    Anyone any ideas on how to make this work ?

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    Hi again , Im sorted if anyones interested I went to the site below and found the serial which bypasses the activation .I found the site through the link from the KLite home page
    [illegal link]
    Sorry the link has been blocked search for "cracks am"


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