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Thread: What Do You Use?

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    What p2p program(s) do you use? Why?

    for me -

    For Music: Soulseek. I haven't seen any files with screeching noises and soulseek has all the music i like. The music i like is not that popular,but soulseek has plenty of it compared to other programs.
    For Programs (and everything else): Currently using Clean KMD and Kazaa Lite K++ 2.4.3. Im lookign for a new prog though.

    what about you guys?

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    hard 2 find stuff - overnet bcoz its fast

    new stuff - bittorrent ( azureus client ) also fast

    Music - kazaa lite resurrection and soulseek


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    new music and good quality movies -mirc
    emule files but on a different program---overnet
    Movies and music hands down are mirc and overnet

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    IRC and BitTorrent have everthing I want can't think of any reason to use any other p2p app B)

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    this fell faster than i expected

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    i use Ares, Bitorrent, and OvernetLite

    That's all i need for the moment.

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    Klite 2.4.3

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    *deleted post*
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