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Thread: Converting The Ring Avi To Vcd

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    Has anyone succesfully converted this DVD rip ...I downloaded the 2 part cd version in AVI format and wanted to put it onto 2 disks..So I open TMPGenc and it will convert the video but doesnt recognise the audio....OK I open VDub it cant decode the audio either...I try avi2vcd ..guess what no go there either...Im new to this and have only learnt the limited knowledge I have from here....I hope someone can help me here.
    Also does anyone have any good templates for TMPGenc for VCD in Pal for playing in a DVD player on a widescreen and normal TV
    Many thanx Ken

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    Make sure you have all the new audio codecs installed. Then try using goldwave to extract the audio into a wav file. That stream can then be used in tmpgenc when you're trying to convert it.

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    Here is an unlocked template for you. To use it, rename from lion.txt to lion.mcf, and put it in templates folder of TMPEGENC.

    It is set up for PAL, I think, and it will do a film in "full Screen" mode. If you open TMPEGENC and close wizard. Click on Load, bottom right, then setting.

    Change the settings to widescreen/whatever you want and save it...When you encode, you will be able to select this will also allow you to change the bitrate etc, so that you can make it fit nicely on one/two CDs, whatever you want

    also worth a try is this forum

    Hope that helps
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    If you have the version with 2 CD and divx format,then the problem why you canīt put it in TMPGEnc is that the movie is encoded with AC3 sounds which TMGEnc can not accept.
    You have to make the AC3 to a wave first,read this guide and you understand how to do it:
    Encode movie to vcd with AC3 sound

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    I d&#39;loaded this and burnt it straight from avi 2 vcd using nero version 5.5.10 and it worked perfect for me and the only codecs etc that I have installed is the kazaalite codec pack and the nero plugin

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    as tmpenc doen&#39;t understand ac3 - i use cooledit 2 pro - import the video file save the resulting wave as either a .wav or .mp3 and the tell tmpenc to use you *ripped* audio as the audio source - this first happened to me on episode 2 dvl release

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    What nero plugin is that?


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