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    Sombody anybody help, i got problems during the install C&C Generals CD1 in the middle of it cames error"can't find _Language.cab_ please confirm that file is exist" what can i do is there any probleme with my OS Win XP or what please someone respond???!!!!!

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    Either your download got corrupted (a common problem with the fasttrack network) or the original file has missing.

    If its the 1st problem you'll have to DL it again, if its the 2nd problem then might be kicking about on kazaa if you search for it. If one of your friends has a working copy you could also ask him for that particular file.

    My copy was fine so Im afraid it looks like you got a corrupted download

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    Thanks for respond i'll try but DL speed is too low ,thanks anyway

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    I have got the orriginal game but i cant find the file on the cd 1 or 2 or in the map so......
    I hope this will help u.

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    hahaj thanx anyway

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    i think that that file is in on of the installation files.
    that means dnld the whole thing again

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    Mine says is currupt!! damn, probably currupt cause I was downloadin it when it first came out so I allways got darn users who wernt online, slow speed..too many multi downloads..blaa..maybe over 500 diffrent multis!! hope i get a stronger user bandwidth this time

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    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough
    chances are low but
    MAY be able to repair your corrupted sectors

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    I wish kazaa had some sort of option to rollback on each resume, like a certain amount. I think if a say "x"kb was rolled back, we would have less issues like this. I get them rarely, but I do now and then.


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